Top 10 Best Drones You Should Have In 2018 [ Best Camera Drone]


Top 10 Best Drones You Should Have In 2018 [Best Camera Drone ] Top 10 RC drone with a camera for the aerial photographer and the best professional …


  1. ▶️Link To All The Drone Listed
    #1 .DJI Inspire 2 ➡
    #2.DJI Phantom 4 ➡
    #3.DJI Mavic Pro ➡
    #4.DJI Spark ➡
    #5.Yuneec Tornado H ➡
    #6.Freefly ALTA 8 ➡
    #7.Yuneec Typhooon ➡
    #8.Bolt Drone ➡
    #9.Lumi ➡
    #10.Parrot Disco ➡
    #10.1.Parrot Bebop 2 ➡

  2. Yea this is more for people that want to do this as a profession or add to their professional arsenal of things. But without looking them all up I would bet many of these but maybe a couple are over a thousand dollars. Thats allot of money to smash into something or watch it fall out of the sky. They are not like rc planes where you can glide um down if motor goes or runs out of power. Drones drop like rocks when their battery goes. Sooner or later everyone pushes at least one drone too far.
    Learn to fly them on a cheap toy kind see if they will keep your interest.

  3. If only the Parrot Bebop had a gimbal. I really want a GDU Byrd although it can't do DNG files. AEE seems to be ready to release some new drones, will have to wait and see what next year brings!

  4. Yeah, If you're RICH. Otherwise go with a Hubsan H205E (It's got GPS at least), any of the MJX Bugs, the 2 is my favorite, but at $215, even that's kind of pricey for most regular people. Many good quads under a $100 These high end quads don't do that much more than these at the Toy level. And there getting better every day. This is just a commercial man. Yeah, and as far as cameras go, you can get a $50 Action camera that does almost as well as a GoPro $450 camera You're a joke!


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