Makerfire micro FPV drone review. This Tiny whoop clone or inductrix FPV drone clone is pretty awesome at only $65. We look at what you get, how easy it is to …


  1. does drone like this come WITH altitude hold. otherwise I launch , it hits the ceiling … 10'5 foot ceilings too. Would hooking up to a better dsm 5 xmitter help the industress and blade 180 nano /
    thinking of a 49.00 dollar selphie drone . fut i think it needs outdoors for the moves it does.. confused i have a CHROMA 4K drone with no where to fly it !
    thx Rich your advice is appreciated

  2. Hey Stew!! Hope u read this! I just bought two units of this drone! I got the version with camera and the "toy" control, lol, in Amazon. Also spare batteries and spare blades. One kit is for me and other for my brother, for the two of us to enter the hobby.
    Here in Brazil is a shame but the drones are not well seen due to lack of information and "kind of" need to warn the air force every time the drone is flying (absurd !!)… so i really follow your channel to keep up with drone story ๐Ÿ˜€ Tchau!!

  3. I cannot get this quad to bind to my Taranis X-9D Plus with an Orange RX module. The Orange RX I have has no bind button. The only button it has is labeled failsafe although I tried it anyway. Wonder if it's the right Orange RX module? But for the life of me I cannot get it to bind. I get a flashing blue light on the quad when holding it's bind button while plugging in the battery. On the receiver I have external module turned on, D8 mode, tried many modes, never binds. Quick flashing blue light never goes away. The instructions at show it using the internal module. I wish I knew your secret to complete this task in 5 minutes. Haven't ever bothered with Beta-Flight yet…

  4. my makefire flies to the right. betaflight center values shows 1533. I'm using spektrum dx6 by the way. any idea how to fix it or is there something defective on micro I got from Gearbest?


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