Tips For Purchasing a Used Drone


Check out refurbished drones from DJI directly: Help support my channel by purchasing your DJI …


  1. I have purchased a refurb Mavic Pro from DJI last year and it looked like a brand new drone out of the box and I haven't had any issues with it. I've sold a few used drones on ebay, but haven't purchased any yet. Good video, I like how you compared buying a used drone to a used car.

  2. I never buy new rather refurbished units. I have purchased a P3 P4 P4A and Mavic. All refurbished all with full new DJI warranty at a 40% savings. Not one complaint on any of these purchases and each came with new stickers and factory foam cases.

  3. 1st tip should have been "Buy Dobo's Drone" HAHAHA. I am with you on not buying a used drone unless I know the seller. New drones come with that off the shelf warranty that used ones only come with a verbal "Well it worked the last time I flew it"

  4. I bought my Phantom 4 refurbished from DJI directly. According to their customer service refurbished is that it was returned within 7 days and all warranties and DJI care cover refurbished as it would a brand new so I got my Phantom 4 for 1/2 the price as a new one.

  5. Hey Billy! Thanks for all the advice and doing all the footwork for all of us novices. This particular post is really helpful for me as I am looking to sell my Spark – especially the flight record part. Question: is it possible to reset the Spark to factory default so that I am no longer associated with that drone after it is off my hands?

  6. Yes yes and yes I agree. Although most of my drones I buy used. The certified ones from any vendor is good as I had sent them to DJI and I know that a pair of skilled hands we're on them. Otherwise, all my other drones are built from leftovers. Hey Billy, after watching your stream Sunday around the Arts Center I wanted to send you this. It might make for some good Throne viewing. It's not really edited for time but if you can spare 10 minutes you might get a chuckle out of it…

  7. Similar to an auto purchase when the vehicle leaves the lot and physically touches the Street, it is now a Used Car.
    Drones are the same. When it is Unboxed, it is declared Used even though never activated nor flown. The retailer can not resell it As New, per law, and must be relabled as Refurbished or Preowned. I purchased my first Phantom Refurbished from DJI through its Amazon store. The only problem was linking a non compatible smart (Android, argh) device.


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