Tips for Flying Your Drone at Night


Flying at night is addicting… let me tell ya. –


  1. Yeah I love your show man. I think you've established yourself as a great source and "expert" on drones man I literally watch your show way more than others. I would be cool on the "there are the best people in these areas," it's like I get what your saying, there maybe sketchy situations yet your not having a conversation with your friends so I would be more aware of what you say in regards to people's character.

  2. Why is everyone talking about setting up picture for night flight when people are asking how to set up the Mavic itself for flying at night. What needs to be turned off and things like that.

  3. So for all you fucktards that know that night flights are illegal im gonna leave this quote from Forbes right here:
    "the FAA is looking into multiple incidents in which unmanned aircraft flew into fireworks displays to determine if there was any violation of federal regulations or airspace restrictions." Importantly, my inquiry to the agency asked about flights "into" fireworks displays and flights "near" fireworks displays. The FAA's response seems to indicate the agency is mostly concerned with the "into" flights, not the "near" flights. That's good news for those who hope to safely create stunning videos of fireworks displays".

    Now I dont know about yall but ive never experienced a daytime fireworks display.
    I bet the same people that know night flights are strictly forbidden by the faa also know that filming fireworks displays is also strictly forbidden. And before you pop off with "thats for 107 operators" you might want to go read the article.

    Now, can we put this BS "night flights are illegal" crap to rest? Probably not, im sure somebody knows better than the faa.


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