Tips for finding the Queen, Honey Bee Queen


Tips on how to find the Honey Bee Queen. Do you want to keep Bees? Learn how to become a beekeeper. How to get bees. Every beekeeper wants to find the …


  1. You are the coolest guy!! Your video was so helpful!! Thank you so much for all your help!! And might I say, I just love how sweet you are to the queen bee, you just pour so much love into her! You are one of the BEST beekeepers I have ever seen!! <3 God bless!

  2. Hi Tim,
    I saw my queen for the first time I'm in Virginia Beach Virginia do you always leave your honey when it's that full for the bees or do you take some in the fall, also
    Do you have any more videos planned for the fall, thanks

  3. I could never go in my bees with out protection your bees are nicer then mine. when I wear protection every body for the most part is in a good mood when i just wear a veil some one always gets mad and when 1 gets me every body else trys to get me, and i have to stop close up and get more clothes on. Your videos are great thanks

  4. Great video, good information. What perhaps impresses me most is your smooth handling of the hive and frames. Sure, you got stung a couple of times, but I didn't see any crushed bees where you put down the frames, and generally they seemed really undisturbed.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. call me crazy but i notice a dif in the bee movement on the frame the queen is on in my hives and yours also. i seen the dif in bee movement when you picked the frame up beside the one with the queen

  6. I installed 2 packages 4/15/17 and added boxes I thought when I needed and both hives have room in them but they both have swarm cells and supercedure cells so I want to split them before they swarm, but want to find the queen so I don't move here with a swarm cells. if I cant find her I like the queen excluder idea but if I remove all boxes, wont the box that don't have the queen really start buzzing or does the box with the queen start buzzing thanks tim

  7. Thank you Mr Durham you are a NICEAN hope all is well with you and yours. I was watching the one where you talk about the girls skinny dipping my wife was hearing all this and then you told the girls not to mind you you had just came down to feed the alligators my wife liked to choke and spit stuff everywhere that was two funny's at once fer me!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA

  8. Tim I see your hives are around what looks like an agricultural field. I want to get some hives started and I am surrounded by soybean fields. How do you keep the farmers from killing your bees with insecticide?


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