Tips for Filming Golf Courses with Drones | Drone Photography Podcast


Thank you for Subscribing! Petr and Micah talk about a few interesting golf course drone shoots, and offer advice on filming golf courses with drones, planning, …


  1. Hey guys! Thanks so much for this info. Ive golfed my whole life and worked around the golf industry for years. I got a DJI Mavic Pro last year and had the same idea to shoot golf courses. I live in an area that has about 40 golf courses in a 50-60 mile radius around me (Pinehurst, NC). There is definitely a market around me! I love watching quality filmed and edited video of golf courses so doing this was right up my alley! Thanks for the info to take into consideration!

  2. I agree that there is a lot more time that goes into shooting a golf course than people think. Your were talking about shooting the holes at the right time to allow for correct lighting. What is the best time/lighting to shoot? With the sun behind you? early in the morning and the evening ? Noon?Thanks


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