Thunderbolt Wi-Fi FPV HD Camera Drone Review | Best Beginner Quadcopter X5UW


A rapid fire review of the popular X5UW Thunderbolt with Wi-Fi FPV capabilities! (VR compatible!) Grab yours here! This drone is a …


  1. I have a hard time getting my X5UW to jump into Headless Mode. Is there a way to be sure itโ€™s in headless mode other than starting it up flying it around? Also, how do I get it to operate via the co roller but have the view through the camera? I can get the drone and my phone to connect but and I can control it through my phon abut how do I switch to controlling it with the controller? Love the drone so far! Have only flown it a handful of times!!

  2. 1. Can it stay in the exact same position?
    2. Is the camera 1080p? If not, are there any inexpensive drones with hover in the same spot capability, and a 1080 camera for filming?


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