Three Camera Angles | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing on Droneship


Three different views of last week’s Falcon 9 first stage landing after sending JCSAT-14 satellite on to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. Hottest and fastest landing …


  1. It's probably a crane lowering down while some firecrackers go off. It's Hollywood gimics. Why not have an angle (OUT OF 3 BY THE WAY) that shows from above looking down. Why can't we ever see the top? Cuz it's attached to a wire…lol!!!

  2. Интересно было увидеть, как это происходит. Очень значительное достижение американских ученых и инженеров, заслуживает уважения!

  3. It's all crap,,,,fake ,,,COMMON SENSE IS NO LONGER COMMON,,,And yes I am a FLAT EARTHER,,till someone can actually prove otherwise,,p.s. I Was a NASA fan boy for thirty years,,,,a truly objective observer,,,will soon ,,,find it is smoke mirrors,,,cgi,,,,,just watch the (ISS) (live feed),,,,if you can't tell it's fake well,,,Monsanto&friends have successfully dumbed down the masses,,,

  4. when you people going to wake didnt listen when we said the barge landing was fake now space x has proper fucked up and yet you idiot xers still dont get it, well here it comes xers, WHERE ARE THE CROWDS OF PEOPLE WATCHING AND FILMING THIS JUST LIKE THEY DO AT CAPE CANAVERAL. BOOOOOM YOUR SMASHED LOOSERS, i wonder who filmed what you loosers have to do now to get your sad credibility back is ,,RING SPACE X AND TELL THEM YOU LOOSERS WANT TO WATCH AND FILM THE NEXT ONE IN PERSON. IF THEY AGREE WE WILL ADMIT WE ARE WRONG NO PROBLEM even better get an invite for some of us to go watch.

  5. As I watch this video I just imagine myself being an interstellar traveller and landing on a planet with those things while lesser evolved alien species watch

  6. Many different angles of small scale landing, but NOT ONE REAL ANGLE of OUT OF SPACE!!! Because A LIE can NEVER BE TRUTH no matter how many times you tell it or slice it. And just as there is a BEGINNING TO EVERYTHING, there's also an ENDING TO EVERYTHING and the NASA HOAX has run its course.

  7. Not a believer in Elon nor SpaceX. A high aspect ratio vehicle descending at Mach 3 (2284 mph or 1021 m/s) slowing down enough to gently touch down violates common sense and the value of fuel onboard. The USAF and NASA spent years with the concept that culminated in the DC-X vehicle. It crash landed a few times and the program cancelled. Saying Musk developed this technology is a far stretch. It was already developed. The DC-X was a short squat vehicle. Having a 12 story or more vehicle landing vertically is risky at best with cross winds and changing air pressures on the way down. Launching under boosting power in these same atmospheric layers is risky enough. The economics of reusable space craft does not work either. The shuttle was supposed to be reusable as was their SRBs – solid rocket boosters. After reconditioning and part replacement, the program was deemed a failure in the re usability department. It could be that the Falcon is a red herring throwing attention off of what NASA is really doing. For instance no one has a good handle on the X37 reusable space vehicle. That and other secret space programs.

  8. They just fuckin landed a rocket on a drone shit.. Whaaaat! Amazing! and Mind blowing!
    to even imagine the amount of math they had to do. I can survive pre calc rn wow just wow

  9. Man alive..all of you who can think this is real, even when you can clearly see that the landing is reversed, if any of it is even real, go get you news from the Simpsons as you live in a cartoon world, carry on and X-factor is on soon….Pls open your eyes and use your true common sense and perception 1.14 onward you can see the smoke in reverse…but HEY this is obviously possible…go to the doctor soon he/she will make you dumber with some major pharma


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