The Truth About The DX-5 Drone (Tutorial)


Here is where you can buy the DX-3:


  1. Should people know about a product at all or even remotely know how to use it before making a review especially a negative one? Maybe maybe not but that is not for me to say either way… As a brand new drone flyer ( who does know what trim does if not exactly how to master it) I would say my sharper image drone was not only very cheap at $68 but also is incredibly user friendly and so much easier to fly than Any remote control helicopter or comparable rc vehicle I have ever flown by a wide margin. This review was helpful only in that the outraged people in the comments who actually know about drones may be able to point me in the right direction to better use my trim and auto orientation control's and for that I say thank you very much.

  2. First of all what you have is a DX-3 and your video title says clearly that it's a DX-5 witch you do not have, second of all you have to be in an area of at least 10ft in any direction from the center of the drone and third of all you should go out side and set your trim and spin direction so you can actually hover it…..FYI it will also help if you actually read and follow the directions that came with your drone..

  3. 2:13 Lol! "I don't understand what the trim button is for." No wonder you keep crashing it. Maybe you should watch some tutorials, and stop calling this drone "not very user friendly." lol! The DX drones are some of the most stable I've seen out there. You just have to know what you're doing. Lol!


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