The TOP 3 Lenses for Milky Way Photography


10mm: Rokinon 10mm f/2.8: 24mm: Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8: 50mm: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8: …


  1. Great video you two, always great to see them… how do you feel the Rokinon 10mm performs at F2.8, would it be better taking it up a stop or two.. basically are the stars sharp at the edges of the picture like the centre..]

  2. Thanks for such a good video, helped me decide which lens to buy according to me…
    I'll probably go for the canon 24mm F/2.8 because it's a good enough Wide angle lens and to take normal everyday pictures too

  3. * If you have a crop sensor camera like my D5100's APS-C, multiply your focal length by 1.6 before figuring out your max exposure time. That small sensor acts like a form of zoom, so a 10mm lens acts more like a 16mm lens; I've seen the Rule of 700 to 400 depending on tolerances, so there's wiggle room.
    After going through their tools list I see their camera is an ASP-C sensor as well. They don't list exposure times for the other shots, but you can see a little trailing on their 10mm shot.

    Still pretty, and still a great video, thanks guys!

  4. Impatient en français , nous sommes nombreux à vous suivre . Beau travail a ce que je peux voir . Il me semble que vous êtes les seuls a faire des autant . Encouragements pour la suite , vous êtes super

  5. A budget video! Awesome! That’s my mission. There’s a serious lack of this kind of information on Youtube. I totally concentrate on budget simply to encourage more folks to get out and try. Stitching those 24’s are my favorite. I used the Rokinon 14 for a long time, and it’s great, but it lacks the detail a 24 can get. At the same price one could get lucky and find the old, discontinued, Canon EF 24mm F2.8. It blows the Pancake out. I loved the bloopers you included. Very human video. Cheers. Clear skies.

  6. You Two guys are honestly so lucky to be doing this! And more importantly you both have the same interest! I love your videos and you deserve a lot more! I love how you pit those narating voices, it really makes the video more interesting in a way! Keep up the good work!


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