The Tianqu VISUO XS816 Drone – 20 minute Flight Time – Great First Drone for Beginners of All Ages


This drone serves up plenty of features for a low cost. Someone looking for their first drone would enjoy this one. You can find it on the GEARBEST website.


  1. great video !
    how is the quality on computer?
    I mean by that that the quality on live looks a bit low for a 720p on your mobile, but once it's recorded and watched on a computer is better and a real 720p?
    thank you 🙂

  2. What's the difference between this and the XS809S (which should be the upgraded and, I think, better version of XS809HW)? Can't decide between the two…

  3. Useless demo of this drone.
    It flies as the other models of the Visuo in the 8XX line of drones. They make jerky movements, slide instead of turn, you spin, often in circles, as you are trying to change direction. This is NOT for beginners. I hear this from several reviewers. All the GPS, optical flow, are meaningless in the context of using this drone to learn how to fly a drone. The controls are hyper-sensitive and learning to control it will not translate into flying other NORMAL drones.
    The flight characteristics of these drones are TERRIBLE! I bought the 809S and it zipped right along. However, it is VERY easily pushed around by the wind, it skids as you turn and you WILL crash into vertical objects.
    Oh, the wings/arms of folding drones, they will fold and result in crash instead of a bump and you continue flying. Why? The bumping into object at relatively slow speeds causes the arms to fold! So the drone will come crashing down!
    Beginners, DO NOT be lulled/swayed into buying drones with supposedly advanced features. You are trying to learn how to fly a drone manually, not let the drone do what the term drone implies, fly itself.
    Beginners need to know how to tell the drone orientation first, not rely on return to home button. Buy the UDIrc 818A Plus, or any of the drones with permanently mounted prop guards and non folding arms. I do like the auto-hover. Not cheating here, just makes sense at ANY level.
    Also, beginners, do not waste time with cell phone apps and pictures/video. Learn to fly the drone first. After about 40 hours of flight time, you can graduate to taken pics and video. Low end drones/beginner drones are not very good at either, but they will get you started in flying the drone as you take pics and vids. But you MUST know how to control the drone when you get into trouble with it.

  4. Thanks a lot for this review! This made me interested at first but… only 2MP camera? Probably I'll wait for a similar product but with a bit more decent camera.

  5. Every time you post a drone review I walk away thinking this is the one for me as a beginners drone you got me convinced. I checked the website thinking about ordering and then you post another budget price drone. When will this madness stop. I'm more confused then ever. Stop posting good reviews. 🙂

  6. I have had some problems with my visuo 809s .
    That is the first version of the battle shark.
    One off the motors went really hot .
    So it pulled on to the left after 10 min of flying.
    And whas unable to fly after 10 min.
    But the batterylife is great .
    I have bought a second hand .
    And it still fly's great indoors.
    Can't untill they build something with a gimball.
    Cause the camera is nice Captain Drone.
    Greetz from the Netherlands .
    Keep up the great vids .

  7. I just got the 809s a couple weeks ago with 3 batteries and 720p widescreen camera. Haven't got to fly outside yet in Michigan, the weather has just been unfriendly for drones. Love your review!

  8. Funny how this looks like bad knock-off of a DJI Mavic … which it probably is.

    The problem with many cheap Chinese products is that customer service is virtually non-existing. It's simply the Chinese way of conducting business. There are very few exceptions in the drone industry, DJI being one that takes it seriously.

    2 or 300 quid may not seem expensive compared to a thousand or more dollar drone but if it goes wrong you have a 2 or 300 quid doorstop.

    Personally and if you want something reliable I'd spend a bit more but each to their own.

    Out of interest, are you (drone captain) getting these things sent to you free by manufacturers or are you buying them? – I see you promote these products by way of links and discounts. – Perhaps you could mention this in your reviews

    I enjoy your vids by the way. Nice relaxed style


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