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  1. This was one long week, I hope you guys enjoy. I will try and hit a few smaller vids this next week. I think this is the second longest vid on 40K I've done inside of the Emperor of Man.
    If you have suggestions – and it doesn't have to be 40K – put them down below.

    >Amend – when I say the Imperium was secular, this is of course totally wrong. I should have said antitheism. No idea why that got frazzled in my head.
    Note: Also one thing that is triggering me lol at about 50:00 I am talking about Virus bombs. I didn't word it well enough what I mean is that in general during the Heresy virus bombs inflicted a lot of casualties – not just in this one specific instance.

  2. It's utter bullshit that there would be no back up. People were aware of warp storms and how inhibiting they were and even if they hadn't had any idea of warp storms companies even modern day as well as other entities do not invest nor set up anything without heavy insurance of outcomes and even then they still have back ups and fall backs. Hell we have an emergency plan in the US for a zombie apocalypse scenario. So there is no fucking way that a galactic wide super advanced humanity would just throw caution to the wind and outright ignore that their very survival had a very obvious critical flaw.

  3. And yet again Luetin comes out with more amazing content. Can't wait to see how the story continues as the books come out and I look forward to your videos on them!

  4. something not directly mentioned but hinted at in places….The Emperor might be a weapon created to lead the fight against the men of Iron before the end of the golden ages..he might be the exact pinnacle of technology and gene forging before all was lost

  5. Man I love your 40k lore videos so much. I'm a fan and read the novels, but even my friend who never read any of the books or played the games became a fan of 40k lore because of your videos.

    Don't ever stop doing 40k content!

  6. My boyfriend grew up with this series. I would never play the game but the story sounded great. Being a researcher, I immediately went to YouTube and searched as many 40k lore videos to explain it. Out of all the ones I watched, Leutin's were the best I'd seen. The intro, graphics,details and voice were amazing and I was hooked. Now, my boyfriend and I have conversations about the characters. I agree with another post, you should be part of writing a 40k series. Seriously though, well done.

  7. repairing machines with a mere touch….. his palm print was in it's security data-base from back in the golden age: "Authorized User Accepted: Please input command override" lights start coming on as the system boots for the first time in several millenia

  8. Awesome video and the situation with The Warp can be applied to real life. Imagine all delivery lorries and trains in UK suddenly grounded or significantly slowed down that it would take them weeks instead of hours to reach their destinations. Our cities would be like those planets.


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