The Quietest Drone Ever Made? The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review! Drone Flight Friday!


Does DJI have the quietest drone ever made? Today on Drone Flight Friday we’re going to review the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum! Honestly I thought this was going …


  1. LMFAO – its still as loud as my petrol lawn mower. hahahahahahahahaaaa your fucking kidding yourself if you think this is quiet. Sigh … I'll check back in another 10 years.

  2. Thanks for the review, one thing tho, whenever you shoot a propeller or any rpm visual, try using a mirrorless with procedural frames, that way you get rid of the jello effect, just a heads up.

  3. i can clearly still hear mine at 400 feet. what is "quiet" to you. may still not be "quiet".
    trust me it will still cause your neighbors to look up and think…. what in the fuck is that!!! call the cops!!!!

  4. Battery performance isn't what I was expecting, my mavic pro always give me 25 or 26 minutes of flight time, the new rotors are a nice touch, waiting to my mavic came back from repairs to test the low noise propellers

  5. GREAT VIDEO Review! I bought mavic pro platinum, and i am very exited flying with it. :))  on same day i made my first video, and its not so difficult to fly but also man need some skills :))) ALL recomendation !!!  Without FLY MORE COMBO pack its not worth it , its must to have. Have u tested filters from Neewer ? Greeting from Cologne

  6. Opening of the video in an nutshell.

    "hello, i made a video about something i dont have an idea, involving concepts i'm too lazy to know about and with results that i don't understand at all, but don't worry, neither should you"
    Seriously, if you're even vaguely interested in drones you should know what an ESC is.


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