THE NEW SONY RX100VI + Why it’s the Best Vlogging Camera


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  1. Awesome review Brett! And also, I would like to thank your intern who was playing the piano in motivating me to play the piano! He was playing the song, Secrets by One Republic, and that is a nice song to play on the piano!

  2. Important question, does the camera come with the tripod? Or is it a separate accessory you can buy? Cause if so, I might have two of those tripods in the near future…

  3. Great review Brett. So many reviews are too long, boring, just about specs, but this review was really awesome. Concise, entertaining, informational, and great quality. Stoked for the travel series!! Oliver (15)

  4. Nice review Brett.. I just upgraded to the Canon M50 a month ago, and I'm happy with how light it is + the ability to have an external mic. I vlogged with the Canon G7X Mark II for nearly 2 years, and not having the microphone drove me crazy a few times. So if the Sony had a small external mic slot, it may have been the perfect portable vlogging camera IMHO.


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