The Near PERFECT Drone!!! – DJI MAVIC AIR Drone Review


Finally!!! The DJI Mavic Air!! The near perfect drone. My review of my new favorite drone, the DJI Mavic air. The DJI Mavic Air checks almost all the boxes. Finally …


  1. hey guys , why would u not feel good about 30 fps and rather feel better for 24 fps, i still don understand this
    i thought more frames the better and smoother?
    Pal ntsc , i still dont understand why the world was different here

  2. Jeremy you are too big man, and so is your truck , sorry about the awkwardness to reach the SD Card.
    I have tiny hands , so i guess i wont struggle, then again not great having tiny hands.

  3. Hi everybody, please explain to me why why we would film at 24 or 25 FPS i dont understand this, why wouldnt you use the higher FPS like 30 ?
    I am not understand this part of the filming

  4. When it works it's just dandy. BUT –

    Of my DJI drones, the Air has been by far the most troublesome. Early on it had incredible issues with just connecting to the RC, back to seller for a fix. Result – no more problems so there was something got corrected there.

    Like many others mine developed a fixation for getting its compass recalibrated. Which I didn't mind enormously BUT when those calibrations began to fail the shine went off the damn thing for me. That culminated in "CANNOT FLY" red flags showing and calibration ALWAYS reported as a failure. Sometimes unaccountably immediately followed by a green flag with GPS okay to fly. Something clearly rotten in its little heart!

    I'll add that in the air it behaved okay – but those repeated compass refusals to calibrate were VERY worrisome. After a phone call to the dealer it's back yet again to get presumably one more fix. I can see this one will be on ebay sooner rather than later before yet some other nasty issue comes up.

    I'll add that I always use the latest released updates when available and this bird was given its updates as they appeared – nothing made a bit of difference.

    Given my experience with the MavAir and reports of various shortcomings of the MavPro2Pro, seems to me that DJI has started to release drones for sale before they're out of development.

    Which really underscores how nowadays it's the marketing people who rule the roost with tech equipment sales – they project ahead for product launches regardless of product unreadiness and they definitely use early buyers as their beta testers. That gets old VERY fast indeed.


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