The KF600 – This portable drone looks Cool! Review & Demo


This is a fun featured drone that sells at a reasonable price (you get a lot for very little). You can find it on the TomTop website here: …


  1. Ok so letโ€™s shoot for calling it flips or 360 degree eversions not flippy mode and by the way Iโ€™m starting to notice reviewers mentioning that doing flips will burn out or damage motors… that is news to me, is it fact?

  2. Good lawn mower (props on the bottom)! I would mod it, sharpen the blades and add a H U G E battery ๐Ÿ˜€
    Not bad for $43!
    The Price Is Right 4:00 (tune), or is that Ellen?? Whats in the Box.
    Your mic sounds really good by the way. 6:17
    7:49 I think I would hang a G I JOE on it (with kung fu grip)


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