The Golden Camera Drone – D61WG – FPV Quadcopter – TheRcSaylors


Buy the D61WG Drone here – We like seeing this Golden color on these drones, though that doesn’t mean it’s golden quality, or does it? The D61WG Camera drone comes in…


  1. whooohoooo given a dj spark away..I am sure that you will hit that mile stone..Still dont see your little links popping up in the corner to check out other toys…

  2. U both have been very very helpful to me beings as I am new to this hobby and I love it. I am spreading the news about your chanel to family, friends and everyone that I meet when I am flying my drones. Thank you and good luck breaking 100,000. Happy birthday to you. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Dang, that means I'm out of luck for that Spark. I'm one of the only persons in my area that likes RC stuff in this niche'. The other guys I know only number under a dozen, and they think what I like are toys, as in cheap toys. This one does seem to fly well.


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