The #EVERIDE Motorcycle Camera & Mic Setup for Enduro Moto-Vlogs, Drone Carry, & 4K Video Filming


So since I do this for a living, I guess I’d be a “professional”. So this is my “Professional” Enduro Motovlog Setup on a Budget. To help you navigate through the video and get the best prices…


  1. Hi eve ride Adv. love ur video and thanks for sharing ur tip. I have just bought a phantom drone and I also ride . So would love to bring my drone with me where ever I go for a trip with my bike . I would like to know how do u deal if it rain hard? I got the same back pack case for my drone but I donโ€™t think itโ€™s water resistance , so any idea or how do u do it. Tq and love to more of ur video.

  2. Thanks for the overview of your setup.. I'm still slightly confused with recording audio. Am I correct in saying that an additional microphone is not needed to record my voice if I am running a splitter from my sena to the camera and my earphones? Thanks for all the helpful tips and content

  3. Great information. I got the same backpack as you the other day from your links on Amazon. Picked it up for 50.00. Have you been caught in the rain with it yet? Also I have been tossed up on a standard camera like the one you carry in the front or to get a regular Sony Hd mini cam? What are your thoughts on that. I do like that you are able to film on the panason. Great video man love the dinosaurs!

  4. I am street riding and have the Sony AS200v and can't seem to quiet down the "wind" noise. I have an external mic….running into my helmet (HJC FG17). I have the mic wrapped in thick microfiber cleaning cloth which seems to do a better job than any sponge foam I've tried. But I still get pretty loud wind roar above 40 mph. I have the mic isolated from direct wind contact…the sound I hear seems to be the helmet noise as it gets hit by wind. Any suggestions?


  5. Hi Tyler,
    I'm FJ76 I'm super new to MotoVlog world (actually didn't even know it was a thing), but started creating some videos the last few weekends. I just found you tonight on Youtube, and we live in the same town. You mentioned you wanted to use your talents and film other people? I don't have many riding friends (been here 5 years), but mostly ride alone. I plan to ride this weekend and get some footage. Wondering if you want to meet up and see what we can do together? I don't ride a dual sport, but a motocross type bike in the desert and have found some very cool places to ride on my own, and I feel you could get some awesome shots of me with your drone. Get back to me if you would like to discuss further. Later

  6. I've seen you take a couple of pretty hard falls since you made this video; how has the FZ1000 and the case logic bag on you chest worked out? I'm considering a similar setup for a DSLR.

  7. Awesome mate. Your review of gear has helped me figure out a good basic platform. I found your channel via CDS. Both you guys make some pretty top stuff. As an Aussie living in the US an a former 4×4 fanatic it's amazing to see what this country has. If you're ever heading towards VA let me know. Keep to go for a ride. Beers on me.

  8. Thanks for another awesome video! Also, new (not used) SMH10 helmet clamps w/the boom mics are still available (they really are the best). I just bought a new clamp kit w/boom mic (no module) off eBay for $35.

  9. Hey Everide quick question, if you are just recording yourself with the mic hooked to the camera do you want to disable the sidetone feature? I'm assuming that the mic from the camera picks up your voice and your voice when it comes through the SENA speakers.
    Thanks man Keep it up!!

  10. Great review of what you use and why. I'll have to upgrade my Kodak Brownie to one of these newfangled do-dads, I guess! On the helmet: I am looking to get a new ADV helmet — not MX — and would appreciate your insights to the 41 as I know you've liked the 39 model.

  11. Nicely done. Great scoop on the drone. I've looked at the Panasonic cam with curiosity. Ever check out the Ion Air Pro's? We swear by ours. Much the same, tuff like Rhino poop. If you do north western Canada in the future, say Hello. We gravitate between Vancouver and Whitehorse as much as we can, lotsa trees here. Thanks.

  12. I just gouged my eyes out watching "A story worth Living" Had to come here to see some real adventure riding! Do a review of the movie if you seen it everide…. My dad and I ended up walking out of the movie theater.


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