The Duluth Drone Experience


Duluth, Minnesota! Voted the best outdoor city in the United States of America. Filmed and produced by Drone Star LLC. The content of this video is property of …


  1. I've never been to Duluth, so I don't know what you might have shown but didn't. What was shown, looked beautiful. Still, a little and much younger voice calls out within me, "Bobby, remember living along Lake Erie and growing up in Hamburg, New York? Looked pretty too… in the short summer! Don't forget those endless dreary grey days, bitter cold winds, and blizzards of blinding snow. Seek the sun." So, in one of life's twists… I got drafted. Went from Buffalo, New York to boot camp in Orlando, Florida in 1971, spent many years later living in sunny San Diego, California… and since 2014, now even further south. Listen to your inner self. Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends…

  2. Duluth is very beautiful in the summer. In the winter it's the last place you want to be. Long ,cold ,dark ,depressing,loneliness filled days and nights will really take a toll. A sleazy covert cult known as the freemasons run the show. Poverty has always been a big problem in the northland ,but, I think there is still hope.

  3. i don't know if you have a commercial license for UAV's, but it is illegal to fly drones 5 miles in any direction of specialty airports/ major airports. this means without license and proper permits. it is against federal law to fly drones in the city of Duluth because of DLH (Duluth international airport) and the sea plane base off canal drive. you also must have a permit from the city of Duluth and possibly one from the FAA. i just wanted to inform you about this as i fly drones often in Duluth.

  4. Bomshizzle is just a sorry ass person stuck on negativity. Duluth is a gorgeous town. Your life just sucks ass because you choose to suck ass at life. Fucking do something for a change and enjoy your life.

  5. I got the privilege of visiting Duluth on Sunday (just came home today Tuesday). Gorgeous place!! I loved it!! Everyone is so nice and friendly. I will be studying rotorcraft aviation for 2 years here starting January and I couldn't choose a better place than Duluth ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Very beautiful place,Im shocked. In small cities has its own soul,charm,attraction…I think in Duluth is very nice to live,love and dream about something good…

  7. Duluth??? Ohhhh that city where they hung 3 innocent black people & sat around, smiling like it was a picnic? And then to honor the dead they put 3 statues of the men behind a casino & right across from a liquor store? Yeah. Fuck Duluth. Its a cold, boring, racist, jobless, lifeless, meaningless, talentless cesspool with no reedeming quality whatsoever. I'm not being cynical or hateful I'm telling the truth. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME UNLESS YOURE OVER 60 WITH NO LIFE ANYWAYS.


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