The best vlogging cameras 2018


On this week’s show, we have Sara Dietschy on to talk about the best cameras for vlogging, our senior Features Editor, Michael Zelenko, joins us to talk about …


  1. I HATE the Logitech Harmony software!!!! Worst experience ever, but once you get it set up, it works just fine…still could be better, and the home control stuff barely supports anything, so i have a server running Hue emulation to get all the non supported devices working with the remote.

  2. Hitfilm Express is a great very feature rich editing application and it's free. Especially for beginning vloggers it will be a much more appropriate choice than either Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

  3. It's a miracle how Apple iPhX is not the best vlogging camera ever, in the world, in the universe, forever till the end of times… As this is the Verge… (they suck Apple juice-big time)

  4. I didn't like how she didn't give us CHEAPER alternatives. She told me to go grab a $1000 point and shoot but with that price you can buy a DSLR and a wide lens for $800 and still have money left over for the SD cards and accessories. I also don't like how she was primarily focusing on Sony, yes they are good cameras but can you show us more cameras and show how many there are to pick from ? What about the canon 80d or the 6D mark 2 ?? They are amazing cameras ! Why are they not on that table ?

  5. I normally like the content Sarah produces but like another commenter said, this was more like “what’s in her bag” than the best vlogging camera. This is something a lot of YouTubers do -the best thing is the thing they already own. There’s so much different between the Sonys, Panasonics, Canons, etc that it’s better to rent them at first to see which one you like and meets your needs. The Sony A7SII is $600 more expensive than the GH5. I agree that the autofocus isn’t as good on the GH5 as Sony or Canon (that’s really only true for video by the way) but the GH5 still wins in video quality. It’s not about full frame vs. MFT for quality – that more so affects how much light can be let in the camera which might change what lens you use or how you compose a shot. The GH5 has arguably better color and records more information by using a higher bit rate and 10bit color. You also didn’t mention the image stabilization on the GH5 and lack of rolling shutter. On the Sony cam, if you’re moving around quickly, everything tends to look like jello.

  6. Sara was amazing! She explained things so well, I learnt more about cameras and shooting video from this segment than I have from all the articles on the internet!

  7. It is not about the best vlogging camera, this is about what she has in her camera bag and her preferences and why she did that. Feels bias when you show is just few example and doesn't mentioned alternatives. You see everone got their own style and this is her style that is probably best for her but please dont say it is the best camera. Me i prefer canon for its nicer skin tone which you don't get in sony and myriads of lens alternatives.

  8. Michael Zelenko should google 'card phone'. try some of those out, they're like $15, and do another segment on this instead of this stuff that is crazy expensive for what it does.

  9. Also, they can call it a "digital still image camera" which is HTSUS 8525804000 as opposed to a video camera which would be a handful of other tariff numbers. 🙂 (what I do for a living)


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