The best drone you can buy right now (2015)


We put a crop of top line quadcopters through their paces to find the best. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: …


  1. Here it is almost 2017. Drones are rapidly advancing, just look at the Mavic as compared to the drones shown here. I have fourteen toy grade drones. I'm waiting to buy a professional one until they've advanced to a point where I'm personally satisfied. I predict that most people will a personal drone before too long. But that means the laws governing them will have to change also. The next five years should be pretty exciting in the drone market.

  2. If a drone is fast up to 70-80 km/h, durable, easy to fly, easy assemble, has a 1080p/60fps camera that it's integrated (Having a camera sticking out looks weird and makes it tall), had sensing technology to avoid obstacles, have those watch me and follow me features and what not, a remote controller with an actually screen so you don't need a tablet or smartphone and with a price tag of $300-500, I would buy one.


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