The Best Drone Under $300 ?


Looking to buy your first drone? watch this video first. Buy The 3DR : Disclaimer : This Link is an Amazon associates link, while its no …


  1. Funny thing I literally just finish watching ur review and went and check to cancel my vanvtler copter drone I order but amazon say they don’t know when they will have in stock also amazon doesn’t sell it for under 300 anymore the cheapest one I found was 800$ and that is way to expensive for a couple year old drone Without following function

  2. Fran: First of all, EXCELLENT job on your review.
    But I have a quick question,
    if I don't have a GoPro, what would you recommend for a novice like myself? I was thinking about the HS700, is that a realistic option?

  3. I liked your video!!!!! 1 big reason is my 1st love yrs ago was the 3dr solo…I retired it 2yrs ago full time. LOL…….today I started it up for fun, and wow! old school awesome! Im 10k into DJI at this point, and im still thankfull to 3DR SOLO yrs ago………..Maybe i would never be a drone nut that i am if it was not for this awesome drone! Thanks bud, BIG D

  4. Great video keep up the good work. I recently did a review on this drone as well. You can check it out on my channel if you all would like. Great video bro keep up the good work

  5. For this price, I'd go for the Hubsan X4 Pro basic edition…add a 50 dollar gimble and 50 dollar 4K camera. All in around $400.

    For $550..the Xiaomi Mi Drone.


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