The Best Drone I’ve Ever owned! DJI Mavic Pro.


DJI sent Barnacules Nerdgasm over their latest DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter and it absolutely blew away almost all of my expectations. We unbox the aircraft in my Nerd Cave & then take it to DirtFish…


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  2. Awesome! I'm definitely getting this drone! The only thing is, I used the Samsung S8 plus phone which is Android. Hopefully I will be able to use the Android based phones / Tablets instead.

  3. Tell me you didn't just throw your Phantom 3 Pro on the floor and wreck it? LOL I have both and still love flying both! They are very different but I do more night flying with Lume Cubes on the Phantom! Fun video!

  4. um just got told do not update any firmware now.  if you buy it, the new update from june 2017 bricks the drone.  if you happen to live near a military base or airport the new update creates nofly zones that make your drone not even turn on now.

  5. Barnacles, man thanks for reviewing this little Quad copter! Been hearing a lot about it but it's finally great to see a review of it from someone I trust. Been thru 5 various quads & crashed & burned them all into my neighbors house LOL! But I will get this one next

  6. Hi B.N. Jerry
    Don't do that (Chuck it) to the P3 what a waste give it to me…? I could do with it for my 'Aerial Photography' hobby here in good old UK. Maybe when you get the DJI Mavic Pro+, I could buy your Mavic Pro 🙂 BTW great review funny and true, mind you I did gringe when your pal was beating it with a stick/log/branch 🙂 :), did thumbs up and sub:


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