The BEST CAMERA STABILIZER?! – Zhiyun Crane 2 + 1Dx mk2 (Philippines)


Testing out the Zhiyun Crane 2 with my Canon 1DX mk2 over 30 days in the Philippines. I review what I like and dislike about the stabilizer. For the Crane I use …


  1. One month went by so fast ! you were just there with finn and mike.Wish that you stay longer and go with the fighterboys adventures in the Philippines ! Anyway, next time you go pls make a collab wth them! That would be so much fun ! #keepsafealways ☺️

  2. Stabilisation without a smart phone, thats great I dont like smartphones and wont have one but everything now need one. I have a 5d mk4 so the weight
    wont be an issue. Thanks for the review.

  3. Cody! Good to see ya! Welcome back dude. Cool lookin' rig ya have there Mr. Scorsese. I don't do what you do and even I understood all of that excellent info man, well done. I woulda been mighty sour if I hadta toss such cool stuff that I just bought, but you seem to just keep 'er cool. Good for you man. Have ya ever considered goin' to Romania and poke around lookin' for Count Dracula? I just always thought that would be a far-out adventure for myself. Now I can totally see you and Josh doin' that, maybe some wicked scary abandoned stuff too. I would so love to do that, but I would dig whatever you fellas came up with too. Anyway, it's probably good to be home, have some really good food, good showers, good sleep aaannnnd good-bye I'm gone on another adventure. Heh, heh. You're young and single with no kids, live life to the fullest while ya can. Good stuff Cody, thanks man! ……………………………PEACE!!


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