The Beginner's Guide To Software Defined Radio RTL-SDR


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  1. I subscribed, but see you already have over 10k subs. I have one of the nooelec rtl devices, and the ham-it-up. Unfortunately, from my location the interference is super high. I live near a city internet switch and an electrical mainframe building. I can only get some SW (most of it noise), regular AM with tons of noise, somewhat clear FM and that's it. You can't really do this hobby if you're surrounded by high powered electrical cables in a dense city with tons of wifi. Unless you can stick an antenna to the top of a building or something like that. I was thinking of buying a mini-whip type antenna and sticking it on my balconny. Not sure if that would help. Anyone with experience with mini-whip (the active type) please let me know your thoughts.

  2. I use several Kiwi SDRs regularly which are in a very quiet noise sites, great reception. Much better than locally using my R5000. Now have many logs each day. Am now back fully involved with Intl SW B/Cs

  3. This the 1st SBR video watch. In find it very interesting but I'm still confused on which one I should get software. The bigest problem I have Me and computers don't get along very well. How's it just wanna go some of these new radios or computers in a Box have been off the air for about 18 years so this is all like brand new inaba green horn thanks for the did he yell or mall watched again several times
    KQ4CD Paul 73

  4. Great video thanks. I was overwhelmed with the SDR selection on eBay and Amazon and this has really put some structure around my thinking. Thanks for the great, clear, simple content. Awesome job.

  5. I'm unable to use any sort of external antenna or make any kind of modification to the house (including even making small holes, renting is s**t) and my house is basically a giant Faraday cage… yay!

  6. 3 15 sec ads gdi

    you can use a satilite dish … and old vietnam vet tought me you can make a sw with a stereo reciever and a sat dish… so im sure it be cool for sdr … yes ?

  7. Great video, thank you. Apologies if the question is silly -I am a total newbie: Does the SDR software + the receiver hardware on a personal computer substitute a purely hardware based transceiver setup? I assume that antennas etc. equipment is same on both SDR/non-SDR setups.


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