The 2018 Drone U Fly-In


Download and listen to the audio version of the Ask Drone U podcast, and get your drone and business related questions answered here:


  1. The fly-in was definitely a great event got so much information out of it… met many great people… many new friendships… and I almost had that win on the obstacle course with the Mavic Pro… I took the lead as it was our second to last station… and was beat by the last group…. was all in fun… great event… took alot from the Business Boot Camp… Thanks guy….

  2. The Drone U concept is a great idea. However, I would encourage you to expand your minds and to open up the Drone Fly In to many different regions around the country and world like the automotive industry has been doing for decades that bring people together to move Drone Piloting to new levels that allows people from all over to be able to attend and experience a Drone Fly In on a regional Basis.


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