Testing the five best drones you can buy — This is My Next


We used the DJI Phantom 2 and a whole fleet of other drones. Read the full report here: …


  1. maybe you should consider the AEE Toruk AP 10 which is a very stable platform and the equivalent to the DJI Phantom 2 which comes with its own stabilized 1080p 16 megapixel HD camera

  2. The scary battery comment about the second drone fails to note all these use exactly the same battery technology. They all demand a certain amount of caution to use.

  3. the first drone shown can be bought now at target for less than $200. Im not sure if the price is different in different states but in New York City, I just saw it for $149.99 in stores, some travel cases too and even extra parts for the drone itself.

  4. my drone cost me 2000 bucks for it and it flies to the beach pass the water and back to my house and i am atleast 100 miles from the beach and i stream it all with freinds and family

  5. Since when did a quadcopter that doesn't even have a camera become a drone? Also why would you buy a DJI phantom if you haven't even flown a quadcopter lol these editors are stupid


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