Tested: Hover Camera Quadcopter Drone


We review the Hover Camera Passport, a lightweight foldable quadcopter that uses computer vision technology to track your face and body as it flies around you …


  1. Wow, Norm really let them off easy. I'd be seriously pissed if I paid $500 for that thing! I have a $20 camera that gets about the same image quality as that and a $20 quad that flies much better than that… I figure $50 should be a fair price for them to put the two together!

  2. Works well indoors but light can be low so image quality suffers. Use it outdoors, the image requires stabilization. I wonder how effective electronic stabilization can fix that. The camera sensor is small as what can be found on front/selfie camera of smartphones.

  3. This camera is bullshit. After waiting for 1 month to receive it, i used it for 3 min and when i tried to navigate it higher it lost the wifi connection and turned itself off then fell on one the buildings roof and I lost it. Fucking lost 600$ in 3 min. Don't buy it. It's totally shit

  4. There should be a small tracker unit that you just keep on your person with a mode the drone uses to simply stay in proximity of it without any recognition software.


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