TESLA MODEL X TRIP IN CANADA! | Montreal Travel Guide


Thinking of getting a Tesla Model S, Model 3, or Model X? Rent one first! We rented a Model X through Evoto Rentals in Montreal, Canada for our girls trip and …


  1. Awesome!!! Love it!

    And….I don't mean to be a kill joy, but that song playing at 3:25 was NOT Zouk or Soukous.
    Being from Nigeria, I can tell you that that song you were dancing to is of a genre more accurately known as Afro-pop.
    The performer of that song is a young Nigerian who grew up in Ghana.
    Both Ghana and Nigeria are English colonized countries in West Africa.
    However, Zouk and Soukous are music genres pertaining to the French colonized (French speaking) countries of Central and West Africa.

    Just thought you should know, if you like African music so much.
    Again, thank you for another awesome video. โ™ฅ

  2. Awesome, awesome collab. and video!!! You ladies really inspire me; I actually just returned back to the United States today and still have enough energy to be on Youtube. LOL! Keep it up Ashley and Oneika and I'm really eager to also start following the other young lady as well. You ladies rock!


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