Tello Drone – Full Review


Buy Ryze Tello Drone: Bluetooth Remote: for iOS devices Battery Charging Station: The …


  1. There is a big problem with this device and iPhones just does cut it. Well built little drone and flies easily etc No problems there, hower the App is another story altogether. This is the fault the moment you try and take any video the app freeze. Leaving you with no way to control the drone. The solution is to restart the app and get control of the Drone. All video will have been lost. I have contacted the manufacturer and they are aware of the problem but cannot provide you with any meaningful solutions so if you want a drone that fly well and take stills by all means this is for you, however, if you want video you are going to have problems

  2. Why is no-one being truthful about the cons of the drone? It's constant IMU faults, it frame drops, its issue with the slightest wind. It's Wi-Fi binding issues and it's bad indoor video capture and lastly if you use the tricks / stunts it drains the battery and you can't complete the moves at less then 50% battery. I wasn't impressed, let's hope Tello 2 is better


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