TBS Vendetta Review. $500 Racing Drone.


TBS Vendetta quadcopter review from Team Black Sheep. This video review of the vendetta covers what you get in the BNF package and what a $500 top of the …


  1. Hey stew! I am new to the channel, been following you the last 2 weeks watchubgbalmsot every video! I already bought the taranis QX7 and e-machine goggles2 and q200 charger all I need is a quad!!!…….. I can't decide between this, the Armattan Chameleon, or a storm drone (srd250)….. where's part 2!?

  2. Heavy for sure.. BUT I have to say, durable as hell! I learned on my V.. I now have 2.. The second one is updated to the new fpvision, osd cam control etc.. and both have RUNCAM OWLS so I can fly at night. Neither of my Vendettas have original motors.. Way too small for the weight. I have one with red bottom 2300 's and another with 2600 rs Emax makes great motors! I twist Dalprop Cyclone v2 5046c,s and it is smooth as can be. Much more efficient . Intimidating at first when you take off the cover, but REALLY easy to maintain.. These are my GO TO quads, for strange parking lots etc… They take a beating.. I have straight nosedived into concrete at 45 feet , and broke.. nothing.. in 6 months flying, only 1 broken arm.. And I was PROUD that I finally broke 1.. I know i'm late to the party, but felt I needed to add my 1/2 cents worth! Keep up the work , I'm seeing you all over tha place man!

  3. It's awesome but with all the amazing RTF quads available now around $250 that will definitely compete with this one, I'm worried the price will be a serious problem for this quad. Great quad just too expensive.

  4. Hey Stu! Great review, looking forward to the 2nd half.

    Ever thought of reviewing/building an Armattan Armadillo? Great sturdy 220 quad, lifetime warranty on the carbon fibre (which you can get in red and blue). Would make for a super build vid!


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