Taking the DJI Spark drone for a first flight


The new DJI Spark drone says it responds to hand gestures for flights. How easy is it to master? Jefferson Graham takes it out for a first flight to find out on …


  1. This guy did everything wrong and yet the Spark STILL worked. The Spark gently landed in his hand and he responded, "we still need to master the art of landing". He did the hand gestures all wrong and yet the Spark still followed him. That's a win for DJI right there. DJI just showed that ANYONE will be able to fly their products. If this guy were to review an automobile, he's probably sit in the back seat and complain the the steering wheel is too far away.

  2. The title of your news article sucks, and I'm willing to bet it didn't respond to your gestures because you never really used your palm – instead a swat motion. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU REVIEWING TECH?

  3. What a complete idiot and they even posted it for all the world to see. Hold your hand up in the universal "STOP" palm forward position. Then keep it that way during all gestures….WOW is it really that hard to understand?? BTW for the auto land had you gave it the proper down gesture you could have gotten it closer to your palm under command to land in your hand…final clue hold your hand flat on the recognition phase and when it lands.. Do not "Grasp" the copter nor move it during this time. Open palm it will fly out of on it's own and landing it will power down the grasp…what a Loser, bet he is proud of himself though.

  4. Wow. worst Spark review EVER. A 7 year old would be able to read and understand the instructions and icons better than this fella…….But i'm guessing that unless DJI actually start making decent tutorials we are going to hearing HORROR stories about these Sparks…

  5. The idiot doesn't even know how to read instructions. Or he could have watched thousands of demo videos on how to use the hand gesture. I bet this idiot is so full of himself and so full of himself that he believes he knows shit.


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