Syma X8W Quadcopter Drone w/ wifi Feature Review


Introducing the Syma X8W the quadcopter that feature real time FPV straight out of your smart phone. For more information please check out …


  1. hi that's a very nice and helpful video can u tell me if we can attach any load to it and if yes how much, what if it goes out of range does it stop and crash land or keeps going

  2. Hello, I bought a x8w and I noticed that the controls are reversed the right side turn and to fly sideways on the left stick, the same goes up and down, what can it be? How can I reset the radio?

  3. In the UK to fly a FPV drone you need to pass a drone pilots license or you can be fined heavily.
    You also need to do a health and safety document and have insurance if your flying xx amount of distance close to a building, road or general public.

    They are classed as a surveillance drone in the UK.. 🙁

  4. I don't have a Smartphone but I have a Verizon 7" Tablet with Syma FPV
    app on it. My question how wide will it open to hold the device and
    could it hold the Tablet? If not how wide will it open?

  5. Just got this as a gift from my wife for Xmas. First day out was super windy and had a hard time keeping it close to me. You mentioned that you swapped it out the camera mount and put on a gopro mount, does this still relay via the wifi and Syma app on my phone, no right? This would then need to be on a gopro app?

  6. Don't trust ANYTHING that XHeli tell you in reviews (aka RaidenTech, HobbyPartz, NitroPlanes, etc) He doesn't bother telling you this Syma junk has no GPS, no Altitude hold, no stabilization circuitry, no auto-home, no warning the battery is about to fail and THE MOTORS ARE CHEAP BRUSHED MOTORS!!!

  7. hi, I got mine running only three blades are turning and the other is struggling to turn. I turned it off and discovered the struggling motor is a bit harder to turn by hand compared to the other Three as if the motor or mechanism is giving trouble. would you have any ideas what's wrong. Thanks in advance.


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