Syma X8G Camera Drone with 8MP HD Camera


Syma X8G with 8MP HD Camera is a 330 size Quadcopter for Aerial filming beginners. Syma X8G is a very stable and easy to fly quadcopter offering standard 6 axis gyro, headless mode and 360…


  1. Strange how you have a long rectangular box. Mine came in a square box. I have had lots of fun with my X8G although I have had a few mishaps which messed up my little camera power supply cord but I ordered two more online from china and they work great.

  2. hello good night hope you can help me I have a problem with my drone syma x8g the problem is this as you 're doing to see image on the phone, when I install the application on my phone this does not find wifi drone or drone pulls no wifi as I solve this problem you can help me .

  3. Nice Video alishanmao.You tried the Syma X8C, do you think that the "G" version is more powerful? I recently connected a 3S battery to my X8W and I noted that it can make an hovering at 40% of the throttle stick and the quadcopter is a bit more responsive. Which would be the consecuencies by do that? thanks in advance for your help.

  4. I've seen plenty of videos of the X8 lifting a gimbal successfully but the prop guards have to be taken off to save a little weight so that it doesn't fly too heavy and get longer flights. Just a little tip 🙂

  5. please do us a favor and buy a body mic so you don't sound like you're in a soccer stadium. we like your videos and need to be able to hear you better because you're so good at what you do LOL


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