Syma X8G Camera drone Flight


Syma X8G with 8MP HD Camera is a 330 size Quadcopter for Aerial filming beginners. Syma X8G is a very stable and easy to fly quadcopter offering standard 6 …


  1. I hadone very small crash.. I wouldnt even cal lit a crash. I bumped into a fence going real slow and it fell over… flies fine…. I had never tried a flip and when I did one the drone sorta made a noise each time it flipped. louder than my other lightweight drones.. due to the weight of the quad and battery does the flip cause it to make a fairly loud noise???? I know all drones make a noise when they flip.. I think what IM hearing is the battery movign around during hte flip.. but im paranoid something may be wrong..

  2. Great video guys… Two thumbs up, and subscribed to your channel. I just want to say that I have this same quadcopter, and the cam was not working. I followed the directions in the user manual, done just what they said to do, and nothing, the cam would nit work. I ordered a new power cable, and that corrected the problem. My cam now works, and I've taken a few neat video shots. I love make the quadcopter flip in the air… I have two quadcopters, The SYMA X8G and the SYMA X8W with the wifi cam. I like both, they are fun to fly… I have just ordered the Cheerson CX-20 Drone, it has GPS, and looks like it's going to be another fun quadcopter of drone to fly. It doenst come with a cam, but it does come with a mount for the go pro cam. can hardly wait to until the CX-20 gets here. Thanks for sharing your video with all of us… Safe Flying

  3. These come with props, that are way out of balance, causing JELL-O .
    I really liked flying mine but I don't think it will lift the 2d gimbal and camera.
    I might have to buy the new X8HW with altitude hold. I wish they would build in gyro mount.


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