SYMA X8 Pro – $100 GPS Camera Drone – TheRcSaylors


Check it out here: We are very excited to feature a GPS Camera Drone on our channel for around $100! This even has the ability to control …


  1. Seems like there is some interference between GPS module and receiver that causing the toilet bowl movement (that weird oscillation movement). Saw my friend's X8 Pro, there is no shield between GPS and receiver. He added some shielding layer between GPS and receiver and the weird movement fixed. I think Syma need to move the GPS module a bit further away from the receiver or add some shield

  2. Brushed motors this day and age are on reliable even the smallest drones are coming with brushless not sure about this drone being that you are going to have a difficult time replacing the motors and reliability is really the most important thing on drones

  3. How come you have no reviews of Promark GPS Shadow Drone that is sold at Walmart?
    It is very popular judging from all the evaluations of it, and from personal experience a very good drone loaded with more features than most others in its price range.

  4. Well in your defence 3 other reviewers had the same problems. The quad goes crazy. I can't chance such a drone when I fly in my neighbourhood . If I lived in the mid west I would maybe take a chance. What a shame. I was so close to a purchase. You guys are great. No excuses. Bad is bad. The drone of death.


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