SYMA X5UW FPV Camera Drone – Full Review – [UnBoxing, Inspection, Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]


I hope you enjoyed my full and in-depth review of the Syma X5UW. Get it here: Non FPV version: TEMPORARY …


  1. Im a Uber newb when it comes to drones.1st one ever, Learning a lot.I fly this drone better with my note 4 than with the controller. Thanx for the honesty. Crashed it within the 1st 2 weeks broke the motor and SYMA sent me 4 more.
    "Thanx Fer Sharin"

  2. Thanks for the GREAT reviews.
    I do have one question. Would you do a video about what you use to record your videos? I'm guessing you have a GoPro on your hat, but I think I saw a boom mic also. What type gear?

  3. Hey man, I found you a while back on YouTube and I have always wanted to tell you.. I seriously love your reviews. I look forward to watching everything you have. You give the best reviews ever! Thank you for making great content. ☺


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