SYMA X5SW FPV QuadCopter Drone Review – Setup, Flight Test, Pros & Cons [Battery Upgrade]


Here’s an in-depth review of the FPV Syma X5SW quadcopter which you can find HERE: This is a great little quad copter for kids and adults …


  1. Been seeing a lot of people recommending to remove the landing gear and prop guards to save on weight. With a flight time of 5-7 minutes and these parts weighing GRAMS, any increase in flight time would be seconds at best, and that also depends on how it's flown, wind, ect. These same guys will also use larger batteries claiming to double flight times. Stop. I've done the same thing and found using 1200 mah batteries over the stock 500 mah batteries doesn't increase flight time that much because the drone has to carry a battery more than twice the weight it was designed for. This adds more stress to the motors and moving parts and accelerates deterioration of them. I owned 7 of these and have very extensive experience with them. These are toys so they should be treated as such. Great drone for the $$ no doubt but the camera is poor quality (In 2018's standards) and lags so you can't use it for FPV flight in most cases. All of my drones go about 75' in the air and lose signal and drop. Again they are backyard toys. They are fun indoors but because they are so light outdoor flight is a different animal. Even a 5 mph breeze will toss it like a piece of paper. In 2015 these were awesome but in 2018 they are what they are, a $35 drone. BUT, you can't beat the price on these today! I just bought three of these to donate to my local church's basket auction. Kids and grown ups alike would love these.

  2. Thanks i got one today and it flys grate im a bigginer and had no gards and it was perfict it was fun thanks for teaching me and telling what app i have to downlowd it did not have lag fir some reson so the rating im giving it is 10-10

  3. So this does not have altitude hold then, but in your vid, when you had the throttle stick in the middle, it stayed at altitude anyway, would you consider this to be about the same. Is the throttle stick spring loaded. I fly rc planes, so my nomenclature is based on that. But wanted to try these. The 5h has altitude hold, but for the same price, which do you think would be better. Also, the 5H batteries are different from the 5c and s models

  4. The camera transmits on a Wi-Fi signal. It's impossible to interfere with the controller, which uses a radio signal. Just like every other FPV camera on the planet!!! Duuuhhh… 😉


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