Syma X5SW Drone: FPV Comparison Series Review


This video series compares performance of current low-cost FPV quadcopters. The Syma X5SW has a high power FPV WiFi transmitter. It produces a very good video picture on your smartphone. But…


  1. We can't seem to get ours started without a major hassle. Two blades are obviously much stronger and its lop sided. Also having issues with the drone just flying off on its own and we have no control whatsoever with it….any pointers??

  2. That is a great idea. Also, thanks for sharing the link to me from your other video. Don't know why I hadn't found this when I got the X5SW!! I do have both cameras with mine, one wifi and one SD card only. I haven't used the wifi camera. I do like this little quad, I bought it used from someone on eBay. It came with a lot of stuff, I posted a video of it on my channel. Again thanks!!! Oh, I also noticed I can put a charged battery, I know it was charged and after about a couple minutes the lights go to flashing as well.

  3. 411 -the TX sucks for this X5 series, range is HORRIBLE because that
    Antenna Stub is a FAKE. All there is for an Antenna is a short piece of
    wire inside the Tx and the idiots at Syma didn't even create a
    ground-plane for that so-called Antenna! (ask any HAM about Ground-planes for Antennae)
    TIP: If you want more range
    for your X5's (including this X5SW) find a 2.4Ghz antenna for a WiFi
    router and a connector (which is the ground-plane) attach it to the back
    of the Tx Radio. You will triple the flight range of the X5**.
    Leave the worthless stub for your Smartphone mount.

  4. I always refer to your channel for reviews. I was in love with X5C-1 but needed an FPV, when I got this one it was an utter disappointment; low battery life (3 mins even without the cam), quad speeding automatically and smashing on something just to resist the slightest breeze, stalling 2-3 feet when yawed. I even thought it was a gyro/motor issue and even replaced with a new quad but still the same. Sometimes the headless mode loses the orientation of the controller. I even tried replacing the battery but she seems to dislike bigger 800mah batteries, the stock one (500mah) seems to warm up after every 3 minute flight. Is it just me or can you please demonstrate her on the Mojave like you normally do? I'd like to see how she reacts to your flight controls under the wind.

  5. I don't know wether to buy syma x5sw or x5c, I've been told that the first one is way too much susceptible to wind, and maybe it is, but I'm a noob at flying drones, so I think I may not feel it, what do you think?

  6. I only need it for 40 to 60 ft max for for Video I just got mine in Has any one order the 1200ma for this mode it say it for Syma X5SW Explorers 2. I have not order extra one yet I may just get the 850ma

  7. the tin foil may not have worked as intended, however it did have the unexpected extra benefit of protecting the drone from several well known conspiracy theories.

  8. Omigoodness I just realized why I shouldn't have bought this POS… the camera is recording onto the phone, not an SD card… No wonder the quality so useless, as it has to actually record via a wifi connection!!??. I knew there was a reason I should have got the X5C but wasn't sure what. Well crap, that was a waste of money. I'll try the keyfob cam but I doubt I'll have time to get one before my holiday. I was hoping to get some good views of Iceland but the camera looks such garbage I don't think the drone is worth the luggage space.

  9. Great vid!! :¬)
    These things are super cheap this year! I reckon it'd be rude not to buy one.
    ( I lost an RC plane last weekend and didn't find it for 2 days. One of these would have let me find it on the same day! )


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