Syma X5SC X5SC-1 Headless Mode Drone


The headless mode of the Syma X5SC quadcopter can be used as a return to home feature, if you know how 😉 Syma X5SC-1 New Version Upgrade …


  1. Cool, but one thing you said is Very Wrong. You NEVER point the antenna directly at the RC Drone, Plane, Car, or Boat. The antenna uses a Parabolic Antenna, meaning the signal is transmitting from the BASE of the antenna, out and up to an inverted tear drop configuration. The LEAST SIGNAL STRENGTH is, to POINT the antenna at the Drone, Plane, or etc. The antenna, for BEST signal strength, is to be at pointed directly up, at a 90 degree angle. Go to a regular RC flying field, and see for yourself. One should NEVER point the antenna at the Plane, Drone, etc! Best example would be when you lose signal strength, and someone comes up and asks, where is the plane, or Drone, and you point your transmitter's antenna in the direction where you last saw it. Want to re-gain signal, start running toward your last sighting of your Drone, while pointing your antenna straight up to the sky, directly above you.
    Coming to you from a 40 year, experienced RC flyer of competition Pattern flying.

  2. i have purchased five 5's recently using 1, keeping 1 as spare, 1 for my brother who loves it, 1 for a friend who was so impressed with it he wanted one for himself, and another 1 for me as i want to mod it. all were £20 each. these are amazing for just 20 notes have purchased other brands and was very dissapointed with them. syma x5 awsome and great to learn with. just to let you know the manufacturer claimed range is 150m, oh no it isn't ive flown mine several times out to 385m and had to drop it or hit tree's.

  3. Thanks FL. Another easy to hear & understand tutorial. One slight discrepancy I've found since I've worked out how little I know about headless despite using it every weekend – binding the Tx & quad is not what defines the headless direction on Syma X5 & X8 quads so equipped.
    I've just been experimenting with my Syma X8C and have found that there are 2 ways to define the forward headless direction. After adding a new battery to the quad, powering on the quad and controller and binding with left stick up & down, then setting the GYROS/ACCELEROMETERS/IMU by holding both sticks DOWN and to the RIGHT you can either …. 1… select an appropriate headless direction (while on the ground or after lift-off and also can be totally different from the way the quad was pointing when bound) then lock it in by holding down the left shoulder button for more than 2 seconds. Or…2… select an appropriate headless direction whilst on the ground and lock it in by holding both sticks DOWN and to the LEFT.
    The set headless direction is then held, with varying degrees of accuracy depending on how violently the quad is thrown around (or crashed) until you power off the quad or land & reset using 2. Not sure yet what happens in the event of a momentary loss of signal/power!
    The above can easily be confirmed by doing a 5-second test that all reviewers might include in their videos for the sake of completeness and accuracy.
    1…At start of flight place quad on ground facing to your right and bind quad &Tx.
    2…IF Quad requires a seperate step to arm motors, pick up quad, place facing left and arm motors. Then (carefully!) …
    3…Pick up quad, place facing forward and select headless. Take off, add full yaw & forward pitch and see which way the quad moves.
    4…Return & land quad, deselect headless. Pick up quad and turn 90 degrees to first headless direction. Reselect headless and check for current setting.
    5…Turn off headless & return to the features that interest the more experienced majority of their viewers but with the halo of beatitude wished upon them by a lot of Noobs (& us old farts who are well past becoming top gun UAV pilots but still enjoy our toys!)

  4. It’s pretty slow i have one it’s fast when it’s new but it’s slow later on get a bugs 3 if u want speed these go from 80-110$ and they have better cameras and waayyyy longer battery and there fast as hell: the bugs 3


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