Syma X5HW RC Quadcopter Drone Review Beginner’s Guide


This is a review of the Syma X5HW RC Quadcopter Drone (Beginner’s guide). This is my very first drone and I’m really happy with it. I’m a beginner and I found it …


  1. This drone was my Christmas gift, so before using it, i need to know a few things because i was like:"Yes! A drone" and then it crashed somewhere in a forest.
    So, what do the red buttons do next to and underneath of the sticks?
    What do the red buttons next to the handle do? i think one is for looping but when i click the left one, the display H changes to L
    And if u can make loopings, how do i make them?

  2. Just bought this drone but for me it was really challenging to fly with it, when I pulled the left stick down to get to drone down, it did not come down at all? It simply just feels like the drone do not do as I want to?

  3. Sounds like it needs resetting. Pull both control stick down (6 o'clock) at the same time then to 4:30 position. If it didn't work, try again for two or three times. The lights will flash each time you perform this. Hope you get it sorted soon. I've been thinking about making a video demonstrating this but never got round to. Perhaps I should… Best, Tom

  4. Nice video,
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