Syma X5HW Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Review


This upgrade of the popular Syma X5SC/W includes an effective altitude hold feature to make FPV flying very easy. Buy it here …


  1. Hi sir I bought my Syma X5hw yesterday But seems like my FPV isn't that accurate to work …It's very lag I checked the wirings but there's no problem about it…
    It's hard to fly my quadcopter bcuz of its poor signal?

  2. I am confused whether to buy this or spend some extra bucks and get the Hubsan H107D+ X4 FPV PLUS or any other model of JJRC. Can you please suggest which one would be better? I am a new flyer and want a durable drone with a nice camera (really need).

  3. does anyone else lose signal with this drone frequently. I almost never fly it more than 15 yards from myself and I still lose signal. I'm tempted to buy a remote with a better transmitter.

  4. Hi nice video ! can you please tell when we put that on altitude hold will it freeze the drone on that same location or it will just keep moving here there with same alititure level, And also will it work indoor as well that mode altitude hold mode.

  5. hi i already wath some your videos, im thinking in buy one quadcopter , i see many ppl buy syma , wath i want is for beginner but i want one with good range, some ppl say the cheap syma dodels only have 50 meters of range , i think thath not so much , wth model u recomend for me? good model with nice range ax 50-60 euros?

  6. do you have any idea why the Syma wifi cameras have such poor video quality compared to other wifi quad cameras with the same or similar resolution? my X8W has such poor video quality and frame rate at Idlewild me standing two feet away. would love your input or thoughts

  7. I'm having problems with mine. I feel like I have no control over it. it takes off without me touching the remote, it won't turn the way I wont. it flies however it wants. when I shut the remote off it still continues to fly. my other one immediately falls when I turn the remote off. any suggestions?


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