Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone Test Flight


Flight test of the Syma X5C Explorers quadcopter with HD video camera: Get it with free shipping here via Amazon: International viewers …


  1. x5c-1 can fly 100 meters. It is nice and durable. I have intentionally drooped it from over 80 meters and it lands like a soft feather. So durable with over 16 flights in the clock.

  2. Hi,

    I have the X5C and do not have the turning/bank issues. I wonder if it is the -1 version only? Also i have wifi camera if that matters.

  3. There's a lotta hate on this quadcopter but i've had mine for almost 2years & I flew mine into the bank of a lake (it was underwater a good 1ft for 2-3min), I flew it over a fire and one of the propellers melted and it landed pretty much in it. I also like to fly wrecklessly and have had it lose contact and fall like 100ft. I've crashed it indoors 100x.

    It still works fine and out performs some of my more expensive drones…

  4. hello quadcopter 101, does this syma x5c and x5c-1 has headless mode?? ebay seller listed they do have headless mode in the description, but i doubt since they are mostly do not understand when i ask this question, so i thought i check with the expert

  5. Hey man, recently got a syma 5xc and I do not know all of the functions on the controller. I know the pictures and videos along with the aircraft controls. what are the others for?

  6. Too stop wobbling abd to do STUNTS …FLIPS …AND DIAGNOL DIVES you must take off camera from dept release button and unplug and remove landing gear on bottom and prop gaurds to fly for stunts and stability…it flies both wqys your actually flying inthis mode for aerial shots…

  7. Hi,I have the transmitter of an old rc model which I dont use anymore,the controller is 4channeled controller,will it work with the x5c-1 or not??(because it has a bigger antenna too).well my x5c-1 WILL come with its transmitter so I will be able to test it but I ask if anyone has tried it and if he could share the results if it

  8. I lost mine after 20 second of flight first ouf of box flight , due to the memory of last input when out of range.
    It flew into woods, we searched 1 hour when it was dark and failed. Searched the second day morning with -5 C temp at night, and found it.
    Its working like a charm it is a good copter to learn stuff before buying PHantoms or other more expensive. If i had this syma earlier i would probably save my phantom from one or two small crashes 😉


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