Syma X5C Drone with Improved HD Camera Part 1


At $50, the Syma X5C drone quadcopter is an excellent and cheap platform for aerial video. Its included HD camera can be replaced with a much better 808 #16 keychain camera for improved video….


  1. I had mine for about 3 weeks and today one of the motors stopped working… It is a sad day… lol!! I saw I can order parts for it but I might just buy a new one and keep the old one for parts. Do you think I should go with the same one or is there something better I can upgrade to that's not super expensive? My plan is to buy the DJI vision + this summer but want something to mess around with until then.

  2. I had the JJRC H8C ordered from Tmart. ย But, they placed it on back order for some unknown reason. ย So, I'm cancelling the order. ย THXkid has me convinced the X6 is actually a very good brushless quad. Oh well, the Syma X5C just appears under powered to me. Of course, after flying the Cheerson CX 20, most of these smaller quads do. ย Too many choices these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Awesome video! Pretty stable flight.. Do you think removing the prop guards would improve anything? I was wondering if the prop guards caught more wind. Oh also, can you confirm with me that the transmitter is not swappable with the old model?


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