Syma X21W Drone Review


Syma X21W Drone Review. Flight video & footage at the end. This neat little quadcopter is powerful for its size. It comes in a couple of different colors with different features. You can…


  1. hi . I have bought this drone on Amazon . I am satisfied about everything except from the battery the appears to last only few minutes (maybe 5) but I haven t charged it to full charge. How long does it fly with a full charge? I think a 380 mAh battery is ridicoulous

  2. I have the X20 and I want the X21W now… I have buyed about 6 mini Drones of dif. manufacturers at the end of 2017 (all same price-range) and the Syma X20 is by a huge step the best, in flight and quality… !!!! Congrats for doing such a good product, and keep going !!!!


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