Syma X21 Altitude Hold Micro Drone Flight Test Review


This little altitude hold quadcopter is great for learning to fly, yet is also fun in sport flying. Find it here Pro’s – This upgrade to the Syma X20 …


  1. I have the X20 and I want the X21W or the X22W now… I have buyed about 6 mini Drones (< 12 cm) of dif. manufacturers at the end of 2017 (all same price-range) and the Syma X20 is by a huge step the best, in flight and quality… !!!! Congrats for doing such a good product, and keep going !!!!

  2. Guys I got x21.. The led lights glows.. Its written 720p camera on d box.. But i can't find a memory card or any wires to connect to the drone.. Making me doudt if I can record d videos or not

  3. I did what you told me to do with my syma x20 ,it did fly better but differ to the right,do I need to also need to set the trim,can the trim be set on the ground,I am sorry to bother you so much ,but I wanted to learn from the best ,thank you for all the help you have given me ,

  4. Thank you so much that info I didn't have,I am sure that will make the differance,maybe in a hundred years I can fly like you .I going to try this this afternoon .it's nice to have someone with your knowage ,for us beginners

  5. I have the syma x20 with altitude hold and auto ,when I use auto take off it wants to run into the wall not like yours were it goes up and Hoover I was flying it indoors ,is indoors the problem

  6. Thanks a lot for your videos. I have purchased the syma x20 and it is blast. I'm a total novice with drones and your videos made the choice of which one to get was very helpful. I have one question, ? When I reset the the trim setting on the remote does that reset the settings on the quad copter.

  7. Very nice video! I've saved about $250 and was wondering if you could help direct me towards a relatively inexpensive beginner drone with a decent camera. I'm interesteded in filmography, but I don't have the money to buy a high end phantom. Any help would help!


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