Syma X11C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera


The Syma X11C adds an HD camera to the frame of the Syma X11. But there are some tradeoffs to be made with the added weight of the camera. Come along …


  1. I have the x5wH and my wife just bought me an X11C I think I will just take the prop guards off and that should maybe balance it out. Also I have a parrot hydrofoil Newz and it the same size with no prop guards and it has a camera and a speaker Also its built to power the hydro foil which is very big compared to the drone itself. Cool video my friend ✌

  2. Nice review as always. I got mine today , fired it up and off we go . I am new and can not fly well in head mode yet. I wish I would have purchased a few of these little cheap one's before I bought my X380 . I did start with the UDI 818A but that also has a good working headless mode on it and I got used to that , 1st mistake . I thought I could fly and purchased the X380C and have now crashed it more times than I can count. The headless mode on it did not work from day 1 so I tried to fly in head mode . I now have given the broken and repaired 10 times over to my older son for him to fly. He flies better than me so maybe he will have better luck . In the mean time I am going to continue to purchase these little guys and less expensive regular size quads to practice flying head mode . Man , being dyslexic I thought I would be a natural at flying head mode but I am not . It is like you have to turn your brain around in the opposite direction as soon as you turn the quad to face you and then rapidly back again over and over . These little one's crashing in the grass have no ill effects unlike the 380's or phantoms flying into boulders !  lol. I learned an expensive lesson . Thanks to you for your great vids with good explanation of how things work…

  3. To those debating on buying, I 1000000% recommend. Very easy to use and dirt cheap. Its very durable and would be nice for beginners or intermediate users. It does not give too much warning as to when the battery will die. I stop flying high after a solid 6 minutes of flying. From there, I fly relativity low until complete battery drainage (just drops).

  4. I just purchased one of these yesterday to have in addition to my Phantom 3 standard. -Just something small that's easy to go out and have a little fun with. I've been watching a bunch of your videos over the last couple of days. I wanted to tell you first, thank you so much for making these. And second, I really appreciate how you're evaluation of each drone focuses on the positive, fun elements of it and it's not one of those "I'm going to list all the negative things I find about this product" things. Each video seems to be you genuinely having fun with this wide variety of drones. I appreciate that!

  5. I'm a beginner and I got a clone version of this quad which is the Xtreem Electo-Max Eye Drone by Swann. It was on sale at Fry's Electronics for $29.99. Anyway, I wish I had seen this video first. The quad always seems to have a bit of a drift no matter how I trim it, and the controller is not great. It is kinda hard to do precise movements like ya said in the video. I wonder if it'd fly better with out the prop guards? Anyway, I'd like to get the FY326 Q7 next, if I can find one in stock somewhere. And thank you very much for your videos, they are incredibly helpful to me. 🙂


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