SY X25-1 Space Explorer Flying Car Drone Flight Test Review


I actually like this flying car much better than the Syma X9! Watch and find out why. Find it here on Amazon or international buyers here …


  1. a 'dronecar' should be created without wheels.. then it will be a realistic 'dronecar', that could fly, land and park any where… in the future human being will not require roads anymore as 'dronecar' could bring them any where, replacing the cars we are driving on the roads today.

  2. Do you ever sell some of the drones you review like maybe at a discount ? I've always been into R/C & since these drones have gotten popular I've always wanted one but I'm pending disability so I can't have an income while doing so. So that's just why I asked if you have any used that you've reviewed that you'd get rid of for a decent price… Thank you – and I'm new subscriber also.


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