SY X23 Space Explorer Nano Drone Flight Test Review


This sleek nano drone is a very stable flier with good range for beginners. Find the X23 here and special thanks to TomTop …


  1. Great review. This seems like a nice inexpensive beginner's quad. I am buying for my nine-year old nephew and already have the 1501 Space Predator based on your recommendation (but broke it when I tried to remove propeller — accidentally pulled out wire from motor). I would like to try a couple more. Are there any other beginner quads from your more recent reviews that you would recommend?

  2. Many thanks for all the videos you've done ;-)…I had a look especially on tricks to fly a quad …..Sometime quite difficult to understand for foreing peoples but however thank very much again for such complete and nice presentations JL

  3. Enjoying your vids. On the back of which I bought a k5c. So glad you do these vids or I wouldn't have had a clue as to what the buttons do or some of the functions. Thanks for taking the time to share with us

  4. Nice change of scenery! Good to see some green grass for a change. Quad seems to be a winner. Good price, range, flight time, stable, colored props for orientation and free shipping! :^)


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