SwiftStream Z-9 Camera Drone Instruction Video


Swift Stream RC Z-9 Drone has Wi-Fi, a Camera allowing Real Time Video which works with your Cell Phone, Bonus Spare Blades, and a Digital Remote …


  1. Excellent video, just bought one of these for $99. The controller would have been great if it was rechargeable, also no need for the mock buttons near the small screen I'd prefer branding or nothing all opposed to fake buttons lol

  2. i bought two one for me and one for my daughter first off they fly forward without trying adjustment doesn't fix it then the second we tried to charge them didn't work they are pieces of shit in all honesty a waste of $160 never buy from there again

  3. This is the same as the syma x5sw drone/quadcopter works the same/identical. there are plenty of parts available on amazon. in fact you can fine all the parts, you can build a complete drone with the parts available. even the circuit board.


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